332 Messianic Prophecies

The crown of thorns].
In Matthew 27:29 is That said the Lord Jesus was placed upon her head a crown of thorns. It was of thorns That could reach 5-8 inches. Dried were tough and acuminate as needles. If to someone was imposed on the head like a crown of thorns the skin was torn in it countless points rose up in great pain blood dripping abundant hair was matted and it hung in disorder. A show highly disturbing! Now you understand the words of Isaiah 52:14 with which centuries earlier had testified of God his the Messiah: "How many seeing him were dismayed son was so undid his so as not countenance an opinion more man and on his so as to not look more than an opinion son of man. "

2 The crucifixion].
In Psalm 22 an Psalm of David was described in minute detail the crucifixion of Messiah a thousand years before That the fact happen. The crucifixion itself not had never been the kind of with conviction that the Jews punished an malefactor (the Jews stoned often the transgressors; see eg. Leviticus 20: 2 and other steps). The execution by crucifixion was practiced only centuries after the writing of Psalm 22 first by the Romans.
On the Jewish side Psalm 22 was interpreted as messianic book Pegista Rabbati. The pain you are understood as pain scapegoats! 22a.
We follow in the Psalm the word: "To the chief Musician. On Cerva of aurora. Psalm of David.
(1) My God my God why hast thou forsaken me? Why are you away without succor without listening to the words of my groaning? (2) My God I cry out of day and you not answer; of night again and not HAS posing no. And yet you are the HOLY YHWH That sit on the praises of Israel. Our fathers trusted in you; and trusted thou didst deliver them. They cried to you and they were saved; confided in you and not they were confused.
(6) But I are an worm and not an man; a reproach of men and of the despised the people.
Everyone who sees me mocks of me; stretches the lip shaking his head saying: Ei gets back in the Lord; let Him deliver him; rescue him because He delights!

Yes you're the one That took me from the womb; have made me riposar trusting the breasts of my mother. to I was cast upon thee from my birth you are my God from the womb of my mother. not you turn away from me for trouble is close and not is none That help me. Many bulls have surrounded me strong bulls of Bashan surrounded me; to open their mouths wide against me as an and ravening roaring. (14) as I am That water spreads and all my bones are out; my heart is as the wax is melted in the midst of my bowels. (15) My strength is dried up as terra cotta and my tongue clings to the palate; you lay me in the dust of death. (16) For dogs have surrounded me; a bevy of criminals surrounded me; they pierced my hands and the feet. I can count all my bones. And they look at me look at me; (18) divide my garments among them and to throw cast lots for my garment. Thou therefore O LORD not walk away That you you're my strength make haste to help me. Deliver my soul from the sword my only one out of the paw of lion. You will answer me from the horns of the buffalo. I will declare your name to my brethren and praise you in among the congregation. O ye That fear the LORD praise him! Glorify you all the seed of Jacob and all ye the seed of Israel the fear of you him! Because he not HAS despised nor abhorred the affliction of distressed and not HAS hid her face from him; but when HAS cried to him he heard him. You are the subject of my praise in the great assembly; I will fulfill my vows in the presence of those That I fear. The meek shall eat and will be satisfied; That those seek the LORD will praise him; their hearts shall live forever. All the ends of the earth will remember of and Lord will be converted to him; and all the families of nations will worship in thy presence. Because the Lord belongs the kingdom and he lords it over the nations. All the earth shall eat and opulent worship; That all those and go down into the dust not can remain in life to bow down before him. Posterity will serve him; you speak of Lord to the next generation. And they shall come shall declare her justice and to the people That as yet unborn Has he operated. "Hands and feet pierced. in verse 16 the Messiah says: "For dogs have surrounded me; a bevy of criminals surrounded me they pierced my hands and the feet. "
The expression "Dogs" was used to designate the not the Jews (see Matthew 15: 21-28). [23] It was to be an of the group not Jews a band of foreign That forerebbe the Messiah and the hands feet [24] ie That crucify him.

Matthew 27: 27-31 confirms this fact with very clearly: "Then the soldiers of the governor took Jesus into hall and gathered to him the whole band. and they stripped him and put him an scarlet cloak; and platted a crown of thorns they put it on his head and a reed in his right hand; and to knee before him and mocked him saying Hail King of the Jews! and spit on him and took the reed and struck him on the head. and after they had mocked him they stripped him of mantle and clothed him of his garments; for then they led him away crucify him. "

Clothes and divided drawn].
Is in verse 18 said of these not Jews That first divide the clothes of Messiah and then throw the lot on her gown. Even these details have found the precise fulfillment: "Then the soldiers when they had crucified Jesus took his garments and made ​​four parts a part for each soldier and the tunic. Now the tunic was without seam woven for from the top throughout low. They said therefore among themselves not rend to pull to fate those who touch it. "(John 19: 23-24)

Disjointed bones].
In verse 14 the Messiah says: "... and all my bones are out."
Which words and terrible shocking! The limbs That now hang from the nails driven in and hands feet are disconnected from the weight of the body of crucified!

And sweat thirst].
The great affliction and the sweat the thirst of Messiah suffered indescribable suffering are expressed by verses 14 and 15: "I ​​am as That water it spreads... My strength is dried up as terra cotta and my tongue clings to the palate. "

And light darkness].
In verse 2 we speak of intermittent periods of light and of darkness "My God I cry out of day and not you answer: of still night and not HAS no rest."
Mark 15: 25.33-34 shows its fulfillment: "It was the third hour when they crucified him... and when the sixth hour darkness came for all the land until the ninth hour."
Even in Isaiah 50 (as in Psalm 88.1) speaks of this darkness. with closely connected with the condemnation of the Messiah God says in Isaiah 50: 3: "I clothe the heavens of black and I give them an for sackcloth covered."
Confirmation of darkness left by Tallo.
The darkness lasted three hours on the day of crucifixion of Lord
Jesus is also confirmed by sources outside the Bible. The historic Samaritan Tallo That wrote to Rome in the year 52 AD he spoke his now untraceable "Histories." However an their shards [New Testament] or is in Julius Africanus to the first of the third century AD It reads: "Tallo said in the third book of its That the darkness was due to an solar eclipse unreasonably as it seems to me." [25]
The objection of Julius Africanus is very important because really not may have been treated of an solar eclipse since it would not because for three whole hours of and total darkness because then of time the full moon is impossible that occurrence of a total eclipse the sun (the crucifixion took place on the 15th of Nisan 32 AD and towards the middle of this month the moon was full). It needs to be treated of an miracle That though the prophets have predicted as accurately as possible and That can be documented very well with historical sources.

And ridicule shame].
In verses 6-8 the Messiah speaks of and derision mockery of That will have to endure from all sides: "But I are an worm and not an man; a reproach of men and despised by the people. Everyone who sees me mocks of me; stretches the lip shaking his head saying: Ei gets back in the Lord; let Him deliver him; save it because like it! "
The [New Testament] shows in Matthew 27: 39-44 as even this was fulfilled: "And those That of passing there reviled him wagging their heads and saying Thou That destroy the temple and in three days rebuild it save yourself if you are the Son of God and come down of cross! Similarly with the chief priests and the scribes elders mocking said: has and saved others not is able to save himself! By That is the King of Israel descend now of cross and we will believe in him. He trusted in God; let him deliver him now if he should like it because HAS said: I am the Son of God. and in the same way the robbers who were crucified with vituperavano also him. "

Numbered with the transgressors; to her merciful intercession].
Isaiah 53:12 That speaks of the two criminals were crucified with Jesus as well as of the her merciful int [New Testament] for ercessione his tormentors: "He gave himself to death and is Been numbered with the transgressors (or criminals) because he HAS bore the sin of many and HAS interceded for the transgressors. "(See Luke 23: 32-34:" Now two others two criminals were led away with for him be put to death. and when they came to the place called and there they crucified him the criminals one to and right the other to left. and said Jesus Father forgive them for they not they know what that they do! ")

Gall and vinegar].
A further detail of the crucifixion is found in Psalm 69:21 where the crucified Messiah says: "Indeed I have given of gall for food and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to ber of the 'vinegar. "for is in the gall Hebrew" Rosch "and in greek' Chole '. [25a]
That this passage attests the Messiah was first given gall for food and then vinegar for the her thirst. The Fulfillment for the gall (greek: "Chole"!) Offered to the Messiah is found in Matthew 27: 32-35: "Or found an in coming Simon of Cyrene Simon by name and forced him to take the the cross of Jesus. and come to an the place called Golgotha​​ that means: location of Skull they gave him to drink of wine mixed with gall; but not Jesus he wanted to drink. Then after they had crucified him... "
The description of in a way which gave him vinegar to the Messiah is found in Matthew 27: 45-48: "Now from the sixth hour there was darkness for all the land until the ninth hour. and about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice Eli Eli lama sabachthani? that is to say My God my God why hast thou forsaken me? But some of the bystanders hearing it said This man is calling Elijah. and at once an of them ran to take a sponge; and filled it with vinegar and putting it in on a reed and gave him 'a drink. "

The death].
The conclusion of all these unfathomable pain is expressed in Psalm 22:15 where the Messiah prays to his God "You lay me in the dust of death."
In Psalm 31.5 is the last word of the crucified Messiah: "I commit my spirit your hands" (see the respective Fulfilment in Luke 23:46).

In the tomb of an rich].
An important Messianic prophecy is found in Isaiah 53: 9 where it is written: "He had been assigned to the grave with the wicked but in her death he is Been with the rich not because he had done no violence neither v 'had been fraud in her mouth. "
The malefactors were often burned to the west of Jerusalem in of fire Tophet. This then would be the tomb of condemned. But Isaiah 53: 9 That you see not God no one else will outrage after the death of Messiah and That the Messiah from the dead will rest in an rich. The Fulfillment of this prophecy is found in Matthew 27: 57-60: "And when it was evening it was an of a rich man Arimathea named Joseph who had also become a disciple of Jesus. These presented himself to Pilate asked for the body of Jesus. Pilate commanded That the body to be released. and Joseph took the body wrapped it in an net linen cloth and placed him in his own new tomb That had hewn out in the rock and he rolled a great stone to the door of shrine he went away. "
In Hebrew the word "death" of Isaiah 53: 9 is the plural thereby seeking to express the agony of this kind of death. [26]

The duration of the life].
It is also an Old Testament That reference to their ages will the Messiah dying? in Psalm 102: Even an Messianic Psalm Messiah complains praying his God for the fact That must die "I HAS 'Oh my God not take me away in half of the my days "(Psalm 102: 24) the expression" in the midst of my days "is easy to understand if you know the Psalm 90 in which is spoken of short of time of life the man of this land. in verse 10 reads: "The days of our years to come seventy years... and that That their pride not is That and labor vanity; it will soon pass and we fly away there. "
If so the probable duration of the life of an Jew was average of 70 years it is clear that That we mean with the expression "in the midst of my days." Has the Lord Jesus also fulfilled this prophecy since he died to about 36 years. He began his public service when he was approximately 33 years (Luke 3:23) and worked almost three years until her death in cross.

No broken bone].
A prediction is somewhat strange written for the Messiah in Psalm 34:20: "He (Yahweh) preserves all the bones of to him not one of them is broken."
If you compare this prophecy with his fulfillment it seems quite clear. in John 19: 31-33 we read: "Then the Jews because the bodies not remain upon the cross on the Sabbath (because it was the preparation and that day of Saturday was an great day) asked him to Pilate That they fiaccate their legs and they might be taken away. So the soldiers came and broke the legs of the first and then of the other That was crucified with him; But when they came to Jesus as they saw him already dead not break His legs. "

The exact location of the her death].
The exact spot where the Messiah was to die was already known from the time of Abraham (about 1900 BC).
In Genesis 22: 1-19 describes the history of the sacrifice of Isaac. It took place on an upstream of the land of or of Moriah Moriah (according to another version: Hebrew "Erez hammorijah»! see Genesis 22: 2).
Moriah is the mountain of temple of Jerusalem (cf.. 2 Chronicles 3: 1). Therefore the 'country of Moriah "or of Moriah is simply the region surrounding Jerusalem. Isaac not found his death because as the son of Abraham was only an Typos an the model in view of the Messiah. To the place of sacrifice of Isaac (it was not then of Mount Moriah itself but of a mountain next to it!) Abraham gave the name "Yahweh jireh." (The Lord sees and provides see verse 14 and verses 7-8). That means God would take care of that mount for the real to the victim whose story aims typologically (as an example). Thus Genesis 22: 14b says: "For this we say today: In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen."
Is not perhaps actually died in the country of Moriah our Lord Jesus out of Jerusalem on the hill of Golgotha​​? (see John 18 + 19; Hebrews 13:12). in thus HAS also fulfilled this prophecy!

The importance of and passion of death of the Messiah].
In order to illustrate the importance of and passion of death of Messiah you must take a few steps back. The Bible states many verses of the AT (eg. In Psalm 14) and of the [New Testament] That all men have sinned without exception. Romans 3:23 says "There is no distinction; For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. "

God however is an and HOLY God infinitely right (Joshua 00:19 Psalm 7:11) and not can in no way tolerate or pass over sin ie all of That is in contradiction with his or her thoughts person (see Habakkuk 1:13). And therefore would have to curse condemn every man. But the Bible also says That God is love (1 John 4: 8) and therefore not and wants to curse condemn anyone even 'That wants all men to be saved "says 1 Timothy 2: 4! So it became necessary to That God found a solution for we can offer to men in according to her and holiness justice and forgiveness of sins eternal salvation. But this was only possible if an perfect man without sin and HOLY YHWH sopportasse as substitute the judgment of God. So God sent his and the Son he did become man Scripture says expressly of That the Lord Jesus he not no sin (1 Peter 2:22) and in [the New Testament] calls him seven times the "Right." When the Lord Jesus was hanging on the cross God took upon him the sins of all those That they believed in and he That still believe. Yes in three hours of darkness he ident the [New Testament] ificò with all these sinners and dumped out of he of all judgment the wrath of God (1 Peter 2:24 2 Corinthians 5:21 Isaiah 53:10). in these three hours completely abandoned God and the Messiah so they had to issue the terrible cry: "My God my God why have you forsaken me?" (Psalm 22: 1 Matthew 27:46) So Jesus the Messiah died (Matthew 27:50) leading to a term the redemptive work (John 19:30)! Now God can give the perfect pardon to every sinner That relies on the Lord Jesus as pent offender [New Testament] ito and converted in confessing praying for their sins (1 John 1: 9); but always according to the blood shed by Jesus on Golgotha ​​(Ephesians 1: 7). We read in Hebrews 9:22 That without shedding of blood is excluding That there can be forgiveness of sins. in this time they found Fulfillment well as the words of Isaiah 53: 3-6: "He was despised and abandoned by men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief equal to the one before whom hide their face. He was despised and we not it made ​​no estimate. And nevertheless That were our diseases he bore and carried our sorrows of those which had been loaded; and we did esteem him stricken smitten by God and afflicted But he is Been wounded to reason of our transgressions bruised to reason of our iniquities; punishment for our peace is Been on him and for with his stripes we are healed. We had all gone astray as sheep each of us we followed the her own way; and the LORD HAS dropped on him the iniquity of us we all. "

3 Reading Isaiah 53].
As Isaiah assumes an place of so much importance in the Messianic prophecy this passage must be considered to part and more to background. Chapters 52: 13-53: 12 can be set to because "The gospel according to Isaiah." The Lord of announced nearly 700 years before Christ through the prophets That the "Hope of Israel" the awaited Messiah would have been inexplicably despised and rejected by his people. However this "gospel" also showed that not the Messiah to bear sorrows only by men but also under the hand of God that he will die sostitutivamente as for just the unjust for to save them from their sins.

The authenticity of Isaiah].
To be able to refer back to and trustworthiness authenticity of Isaiah you have to go back with the mind once again to what was said in the introduction about the translation of the Septuagint and the complete scroll of Isaiah to found Qumran. In fact Isaiah 53 is for content in whole both the works!

The different Jewish interpretation of Isaiah 53].
Today Has Judaism completely abandoned the Messianic interpretation of this passage of Isaiah. But as however shows the rabbinic literature for not a long time so it was. The most widespread opinion today argues That the "Servant of God" not is the Messiah but the people of Israel or her part. The people of Israel would have fallen pain described here. This interpretation of Isaiah 53 is however untenable for a variety of reasons content:
- When ever HAS suffered the people of Israel or her part for the sins of others? Not just men as Noah Daniel and Job could have done so as testifies Ezekiel 14: 12-20!
- It may perhaps be said of an any Jew to apart from the Messiah That "he had done no violence neither was any deceit in her mouth?" (Isaiah 53: 9)
- When will the people of Israel or a part of it is Been in tomb of an rich instead of in one place with the transgressors? (Isaiah 53: 9)

Messianic interpretations in rabbinic literature].
As already mentioned in the literature there is a whole series of messianic That walk link Isaiah 53 to the Messiah. These steps are for example in the Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 98b in the Treaty of Abkath Rokel book Paskita (700 AD) in an commentary to Genesis 1: 3 of Rabbi Moses Haddarschan (11th century ) and in a book Rabboth (300 AD) on Ruth 2:12. The rabbi Alschesch (16th century) says about Isaiah 53: "Our ancient rabbis thought on the basis of the tradition That here we are speaking of King Messiah. So we too following them we believe That That we think the subject of this prediction is David; he is the Messiah as is well clear. "28
In Midrasch Tanchuma (9th century?) Is to say the way of the words "Behold my servant shall prosper" (Isaiah 52:13): "This is the King Messiah That is high and exalted made excelled more of high Abraham Moses lifted up above and most of the angels That serve. "[29].
In Targum Jonathan Ben Uzziel [14] transpositions Aramaic of the prophets That hark back to a tradition rimontante to pre-Christian times the phrase "Behold my servant shall prosper" (Isaiah 52:13) is inserted even the title 'Messiah ".30 There are still many other interesting documents of kind; However now we want to take care of the way in which these prophecies written for a large part with the "prophetic perfect" (see Introduction) you are fulfilled in Jesus of the story.

Comments on the text of Isaiah 53].
Isaiah 52:13: "Behold the servant will prosper (or" act wisely " according to another version) will be high exalted made ​​supremely exalted." Before That it is described the terrible Passion of the Messiah is represented his triumph. The Messiah must be removed from the tomb (the resurrection Acts 2:24); high in the sky (ascension Acts 1: 9); and exalted (on the throne at the right hand of God; Mark 16:19).
Isaiah 52:14: "How many people saw it they remained stunned (it was so undid his so as not countenance more than an opinion man and on his so as to not look more than an opinion son d 'man). "
Here we speak of Messiah mistreated by men: the back of the Lord Jesus was turned into a bloody mass and to her torn flesh when Pilate scourged (with straps of leather from the end of armed sharp pieces of metal stone or hooks John 19: 1). On his the head was placed a crown of thorns with spines 5-8 cm long so that the blood ran and abundant hair on the face (John 19: 2).
Isaiah 52:15: "So will many of the nations he will arouse the admiration: the kings shall shut their mouths before to him That they shall see that not they had never been told and learn what That not they had heard. "
The message of battered Messiah Jesus it was then announced in the whole world outside the borders of Israel where it picked up big impression (see Romans 15: 18-21). Even the king heard this news (Agrippa: Acts 26: 27-28 the Roman emperor: see Acts 25: 11-12 etc.).
Isaiah 53: 1: "Who Has to believe That what we have preached unto you? and to Who is Been revealed the arm of the LORD? "
Although the announcement of Messiah and of his suffering would spread throughout the world it met a great disbelief. Only a few Jews will believe (John 12: 37-38). But even among the not Jews pagans raised (and raises) an deep denial.
Isaiah 53: 2a: "He is came up to him as before an scion as a root out of dry ground."
This verse speaks of the growth of Messiah as a small child (the Hebrew word "Joneq" = "Scion" means simultaneously "Infant"). Of this growth however the Lord Jesus came 'to before he "that is in complete communion with his God (Luke 2: 40.41 to 52). He grew up in the middle of an people characterized by hardness of heart and unbelief religious life that is "to dry ground."
Isaiah 53: 2b + 3: "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him nor appearance that we should desire. And despised rejected by men a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief equal to the one before which hide their faces he was despised and we not it made ​​no estimate. "
Among the Jews expected as an Messiah fighter for the freedom That would have thrown off the yoke of the Romans. So you had for Jesus That as was of meek ​​servant O Lord and only contempt shame. They were especially leaders of That the people rejected it (the Hebrew word "Ishim" means of men particularly high status). Only a few recognized the her glory "full of grace and of truth glory... as one of the only begotten of the Father" (John 1:14).
Isaiah 53: 4a: "And nevertheless That were our illnesses he carried and carried our sorrows of those which had been loaded."
Has the Lord Jesus deeply affected by the suffering of the many sufferers of Israel: and brought her throughout her life on this earth (Matthew 8: 16:17; see John 11: 33-36). (Note That in this verse speaks of 'disease' and 'pain' and not of 'misdeeds' or 'transgressions').
Isaiah 53: 4b-6: "And we did esteem him stricken smitten by God and afflicted But he is Been wounded to reason of our transgressions bruised to reason of our iniquities; punishment for our peace is Been on him and for with his stripes we are healed. We had all gone astray as sheep each of us we followed the her own way; and the LORD HAS laid on him the iniquity of us we all. "
That was obvious the Messiah Jesus suffered for and the wickedness of the Romans the Jews (though this fact alone not could forgive any sin) while in step prophetic states That in three hours of darkness God punished him to the cross as a substitute for the sins of all those who repenting they have confessed to the Creator (or that they will in below) and have confidence in of sacrifice of expiation Golgotha ​​(or you believe in future) (1 John 1: 9; Romans 3: 23-26).
Isaiah 53: 7: "He was oppressed he humbled himself and not opened his mouth. as the lamb brought him to the slaughter as to the sheep dumb before who the shearer he not he opened his mouth. "
The Lord Jesus endured all the abuse without resistance. as it is exactly fulfilled: "like sheep... not he opened his mouth..." (see Matthew 26:62 27: 12-14 etc.).!
In the Old Testament were offered to God sacrifices of animals for the sins committed; is interesting to note that for eg from this passage of Isaiah can be recognized That already that time it was clear That these victims were only prototypes in view of the sacrifice of Messiah That really takes off sins!
Isaiah 53: 8: "By oppression and from judgment he was taken away (or ripped and hurry fury). and among those of the her generation who reflects that he had been ripped from the land of the living and to hit reason of the transgressions of my people? "
The condemnation of the Lord Jesus was only a false procedure corrupt That was reduced to a brief caricature of the process. Since "in processes issues of life and of death" of the Sanhedrin had usually cite as witnesses people That they could testify to favor of the accused. Where were the defenders instead of Jesus? in and hurry fury the proceedings took place. Who can describe the corruption of those people? They killed their Messiah! But at the same time that he died for all Israel (see Matthew 1:21 John 11: 5051)!
Isaiah 53: 9: "He was assigned a grave with the wicked but in her death he is Been with the rich not because he had done no violence neither was any deceit in her mouth."
The burial of the wicked would have been in the valley of Hinnom outside of the city of Jerusalem where they were burned municipal waste. But God will not allowed an further outrage. That so happened he was in place the tomb of rich of Joseph Arimathea (Matthew 27: 57-60). The her innocence is confirmed by a threefold apostolic witness:
- Not knew sin (2 Corinthians 5:21 Paul)
- Not no sin (1 Peter 2:22: Peter)
- Not was found in sin he (1 John 3: 5: John). Isaiah 53:10: "Yet it pleased the LORD of bruise with suffering. After giving her life in sacrifice for the sin he shall see seed prolong his days and the work of the LORD shall prosper in his hands. "

When the Lord Jesus was placed in cross load of the faults of others and HOLY God Just had to abandon it for three hours (Matthew 27: 4546) and hit at our place. But having led to completed the work of redemption "prolong his days" rising from the dead on the third day (Acts 1: 3 10: 4041; Romans 6: 9; Revelation 1:18 etc.).
Isaiah 53:11: "He shall see the fruit of of torment his soul and shall be satisfied; for to her knowledge my righteous servant will justify many and it will charge himself of their iniquities. "
The her redeeming work of entails the unthinkable consequences sinners can be freed from their sins and are "the fruit of of torment his soul." for through him all believers are to be justified before God (Romans 3:26).
Isaiah 53:12: "Therefore I will give her portion with the great and he shall divide the spoil with the powerful because it HAS gave himself to death and is Been numbered with the transgressors; Has bore the sin of many and HAS interceded for the transgressors. "
The Lord is sacrificed of her own volition (he gave himself in death; see John 10: 1718) and is Been numbered with the transgressors (Hebrew "Posch gim '= of inquenti Luke 23: 33) so God will give him as reward the future messianic kingdom (Revelation 20: 6) and even the faithful remnant of Israel will participate (= powerful). When he was in the cross the Lord Jesus HAS interceded for offenders (Luke 23:34). He bore the sins of many but not of all (see Hebrews 9:28 Mark 10:45)! Anyone not he confesses to God and his own guilt not thank you for having sacrificed his Messiah Jesus will fall under the eternal judgment of God (Matthew 25: 4146). But today is still the day of salvation; everyone who comes to the Lord Jesus will be welcomed (Matthew 11: 28-30)!

4 The Resurrection].
Even the resurrection of Messiah was foretold in the Old Testament! in Psalm 16: 8-10 speaks the Messiah himself: "I ​​HAS set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand I will not I will point moved. Therefore my heart is glad and my soul is celebrating; my flesh also shall dwell safely; because thou not leave my soul in you can of the death (Hebrew: Sheol) That neither wilt your SANTO One to see corruption. "(King James Version or" decomposition " according to Webster of the SBG 1982). This step is not absolutely can relate to David the composer of this Psalm since he died in 1000 before That and lived the Messiah 'saw' consequently 'corruption' 'decomposition'. On his grave could be visited to even in Jerusalem 32 AD (see Acts 2:29)! But of Lord Jesus comes with certificate clarity That sum he is resurrected three days after his death and That he "saw no corruption" the "decomposition" (see Matthew 28 Mark 16 Luke 24; John 20 and 21).

Josephus confirms the resurrection].
The resurrection of Jesus Christ not there is only confirmed by historical sources the Bible. The historian Josephus published in the year 93 the her and operates in 20 volumes "Antiquitates judaicae" That he wrote for the Romans so that they were better informed on the Jews and on their religion. in it he briefly to pronounce judgment and on the resurrection of Lord Jesus: "In that time (ie one of Pilate 26-36 AD) Jesus appeared to him an wise man That miracle worker performed many miraculous works and was a teacher for the men That gladly accepted the truth. Gained to her because many Jews and also many Greeks. This man was the Messiah. and after That Pilate had condemned to the death at the instigation of our own leaders those That not loved him left him. For he appeared to them of new living after three days... ". Already treating 31 The authenticity of the quote of Flavio (p. 35) That intimated this step was put in questioned by various critics. We therefore revise the arguments to before favor of The authenticity of this quote of Josephus.

Of more than 500 eyewitnesses].
In all there were more of 500 eyewitnesses of the resurrection (see 1 Corinthians 15: 3-9). not is impostors can declare all these men since the insincerity is in the fundamental contradiction with the insegnament or of [the New Testament] to where they were sticking with the utmost firmness and also because some of their not they were afraid of having to suffer martyrdom reason of their faith!

Without the resurrection not there is Christianity].
It should be noted carefully the following fact: around the year AD 57 the apostle Paul wrote in a letter to the Corinthians That the certainty of the Christian faith is based on the reality of the resurrection that is if the resurrection of the Lord not it was an historical fact not the faith of Christians would make no sense. In fact 1 Corinthians 15: 16-19 reads verbatim: "For if the dead are not rise then Christ is resuscitated; and if not Christ is risen is vain your faith; ye are yet in your sins. That even those they sleep in Christ have perished. If we have hope in Christ for this life only we are the most miserable of all men. "
If the eye-witnesses of the resurrection were deceiving as they would then have to depend on all their preaching from a lie? So the resurrection must have been an unwavering certainty. Paul writes then the very next verse (1 Corinthians 15:20): "But now is Christ risen from the dead the firstfruits of those That sleep."

The importance of the resurrection].
 The resurrection of Christ from the dead is so important because in raising the his the Messiah from the dead God wanted to give all the evidence That he accepted fully his substitutionary sacrifice and is pront [New Testament] or to forgive anyone who uses and makes her personally in faith this atoning work confessing her without hesitation personal guilt.

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16 That Matthew 1 actually reproducing the genealogical table of and Joseph Luke 3 that of Mary must be demonstrated: in Matthew 1:16 we have: "And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary." From this it is That Jacob was the real father of Joseph. in Luke 3:23 it is written according to some translations: "Jacob son of Heli." But in the original greek missing the word "son"! He was in fact the son of Jacob; and of Heli father of Mary was only the son.
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B) Quotes Bible
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And behold I are with you always until the end of TIME. "
** Acts 2: 23-36: This man when you were given in hands for by the determinate counsel and to the foreknowledge of God you for of hand unequal crucified and slain; but God raised him. This... Jesus God Has resuscitated; of what we are all witnesses. Being therefore exalted by the right hand of God and having received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit Has That hath shed forth this and now you see hear.
For David is not is in rose sky; yet he himself says: "The Lord Has said to my Lord:" Sit at my right hand until I make thine enemies for your footstool. '"Therefore know with certainty all the house of Israel That God Has made ​​him both Lord and Christ this Jesus That you crucified. "
*** Acts 13: 33-37: God has fulfilled this for us we their children by raising Jesus as also is written in the second psalm 'You are my Son this day have I begotten thee. "Since the HAS raised from the dead in That way not to have more go to decomposition Has God said so: "I will give you the holy and faithful promises made to David." In fact he says elsewhere: "You not That wilt your Holy One see decay." Now David having done the will of God in her generation he is asleep and is Been combined with his fathers and on his body is decomposed; but the one That God Has raised not HAS suffered decomposition.
*** 1 Cor. 15: 4-8: that he was buried; That is Been rose again the third day according to the scriptures; That appeared to Peter then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more of five hundred brethren at once of whom the greater part remain unto life and some are dead. Then he appeared to James then to all the apostles; and last of all he appeared also to me as abortion. (Taken from the Jewish New Testament of David Stem)
"Cardinal Pietro Parente Mons. Antonio Pioli Mons. Salvatore Garofalo: Selected entries from the Dictionary of Dogmatic Theology." DEITY (Jesus Christ) is fundamental dogma of Christianity.

In the A. T. divinity of Christ is overshadowed:
a) Messianic Texts (Gen 3 14 ss.; ibid. 1-3 and 12 4914; Num. 24 17; Psalms 2 44 71 88 109; Prophecies: Is. 7 and 14 9 6 Micah 5 2 Ger. 23 6 Dan. 7 13; Malach. 3 1). These texts have all their strength if we consider in the light of NT; m not taken themselves are all dogmatic but suggest at least a vague transcendence of the future Messiah. Has particular value the text of Is. 9 where 6 is the Messiah as prophesied (* = strong God) the title given elsewhere to Yahweh. not is not valid the prophecy of Mal. 3 1 which predicts the forerunner and the Messiah. That enter into as the temple Dominator (Heb. = name of Yahweh).
b) Texts sapienzali That present the divine wisdom in almost personified so to suggest a distinction of terms or subjects of the breast the Divinity
(Prov. 8 12 ss.; Eccli. 24 5 ff.; Sap. 7 21 ff. And 18 14).
In N. T. divinity of Christ is evident:
c) is the prophesied Messiah Christ (the gospel in all);
1) in the Synoptic Gospels Christ is the Son of God only (* = favorite = only): Matt 3 and 17 17 5; Mc. 1 and 11 9 7; is confessed that St. Peter (Matt 16 16 ff.) and Jesus approves and praises. Furthermore Jesus distinguishes the Father with the possessive 'my' and 'your' and never associated with the men saying "our". before the Sanhedrin states Son of God and is condemned for this. Proclaims itself superior to Solomon (Matthew 12 41) completes the divine law (Mt. 5: 21) forgives sins to Mary Magdalene to the paralytic promises eternal life to those who love Him above all things and follows him rose from death to life and rising to the sky.
2) Gospel of S. John: Christ is the eternal Word truly God; is the only begotten from the Father That first of there Abraham That is and one with the Father send the Holy Spirit.
3) St. Paul strongly affirms the divinity of Christ especially Rom. 9 5; Col. 1 and 15 2 9; Filipp. 2 6 ss.; Heb. 1 11; Tit. 2 13
Tradition is an unanimous chorus a testimony of words of art of life of blood. sealed by Conc. Nicaea (325).
Messianic EXPECTED EXTRA BIBLICAL. Zarathustra is Spitama Been an prophet and mystic Iranian founder of Zoroastrianism. Zarathustra has therefore for the tradition mazdeista an central role in the salvation of the humanity is Been to him say for the first hymn of the Ahuna Vairya (Yatha vairyo ahu) That had to flee the demons from the land where once roamed freely.
Regarding other prophecies and messianic expectations we find something of very interesting also to of outside of the Hebrew Scriptures in such ares shows the prophecies of the Hebrew prophets. Again other peoples of the earth is an expected Messiah as in fact is demonstrated by the Magi.
Who were and what was their religious system? E 'should be asking this question it is for to see if it was just the messianic expectation of the Israelites and because the facts relating to the Magi is shown directly from the Gospel.
 In the "Life of Jesus Christ" of Giuseppe Ricciotti (Mondadori) p. 272 we find this remark interesting:
The theological system of the Magi is based on the dualism and on the eternal struggle between good and evil and on the expectation of saushyant (rescuer). This role is assigned to three characters That future would arise after Zarathustra and whose activity is framed in different times; the last of these helpers is ascribed the most important because it will ensure the triumph of good over evil and lead humanity to happiness.
Some Persian texts having appointed two rescuers descendants of Zarathustra present the third and final RESCUER as given birth to a girl "That no no man comes close."
With this helper according to those Persian texts will be the resurrection of the dead the judgment of the general and humanity the establishment of an kingdom of justice.
Historically is likely That towards the beginning of the Christian era was widespread in the caste of the Magi (re astronomers priests) knowledge of the Jewish expectation of an the Messiah-King That this expectation was identified foreign with the expectation of Persian an and rescuer that certain magi took any interest of the appearance of this character expected. [The Gospel of the Magi confirms this hypothesis.]
Another case of revelation of the outside of the circle are described in the Hebrew Bible as well That for the wise men even in the case of prophet Balaam belonging to the Canaanite people who was invited by his people to to curse Israel but God inspired him to a long blessing That included the famous phrase "a star shall rise out of Jacob" just in reference to the coming of an Salvatore.
Let us read now with focus on the text of Matthew].
Matthew 2.1 Jesus was born to Bethlehem of Judea in the days of King Herod. Some Magi from the east came to Jerusalem and asking 2 "Where is the king of the Jews That is born? For we have seen her the star and we have come for worship him." 3. heard this King Herod was troubled and with him all Jerusalem. 4 and assembling all the chief priests and the scribes of the people he inquired of them the place where the Messiah was to be born. 5 They answered him "In Bethlehem of Judea for thus is written for means of prophet and 6 you Bethlehem land of Judah not you are really the least among the clans of Judah: from you will come an head That to shepherd my people Israel. "7 Then Herod summoned the wise men came with say ascertained from them the time when the star had appeared and 8 he sent them to Bethlehem exhorting them: "Go and inquire carefully of child and when you have found him bring me word that I too may go and worship him. "9 When they had heard of the king they departed. And lo the star That they had seen his East went before them till it came and he stopped over the place where the child was. 10 When they saw the star they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy. 11 On entering the house they saw the child with Mary her mother and they bowed down and worshiped him.

How could reasonably be a conjunction of planets or a comet or a star That any traveling to millions of miles away from the earth stopping just at the place where the Child was found pointing to the Magi the exact location without the possibility of confusion? That maybe this celestial body is both an point closer to the terrestrial sphere so as to stay a few feet off the ground? But if we think we need to take better That also present an celestial body is of enormous size and even if we admit an closer to the ground and on his stopping in an given point we should take into account That not indicate only a house but an entire region. as then it could be so easy to identify the place of the birth of the long-awaited Savior?
The logical conclusion is That not it is not only of an not only astronomical event astrological.
That the luminous body is called a star with in all probability is as already noted to reason St. Basil That That was pointed out the "star" in not himself was neither an planet or a comet or else it was something of extraordinary for example in his movement different from that of the stars known and not could not be identified with a star from which to draw an horoscope. It was according to St. Basil an or an angel a direct sign of sky.
It is of a very agreeable and opinion unlikely. Only an intelligent being could guide the Magi in so finding the poor dwelling of the Holy Family in clearly without getting lost in an impossible quest.
That one however we are more interested is That also of outside of the Jews there were prophecies inspired by the prophets of their peoples That identified with some elements precisely connotations That would have allowed them of recognize the Awaited One of the people.

THIS list of biblical references WHOSE overall picture gives us MATHEMATICAL CERTAINTY That in of Jesus Nazareth you are having fulfilled all of the Messianic prophecies and That then is He is the Christ the true Messiah Awaited by people not only from the Jews but also from other peoples and religions That considered the same foreigners were expecting the coming of the Magi in their religion.
W. Devivier SJ of Jesus Nazareth is the promised Messiah. The fulfillment of the prophecies That concerning the Person and the mission of Jesus Christ.
Enumeration of Some Prophecies:
Beginning with the fall of the first man not God ceased to send later a multitude of prophets for and announce paint with more and more certain circumstances That the Messiah the Mosaic religion was to replace a religion more perfect destined for and all the peoples for all the times. These are sent of God with secure increasing precision in time when the Messiah will appear on the earth which belong to the family the city which will see the light: many centuries before the damage of surrounding more precise the her birth of her the life of the her preaching de 'his miracles his sufferings of her the death of his triumph over death and on the world. We remember especially the famous prophecy of Jacob of Daniel of Haggai and of Malachi That one after the other always better to determine the time which was to be the Messiah. At the same time these particular points will see the importance of to the prophecies prove the divine mission of Salvatore.

1 Coming and quality of the Messiah].
"Son of Abraham" (Genesis 12) a descendant of the tribe of Judah (Gen... 49) David (Psalm. 88 II Isaiah Jeremiah. Etc. 23.) The Messiah awaited by all nations (January 49 Haggai. 52) born of the Virgin (Isaiah. 7 Jeremiah. to Ezek. 44) in the town of Bethlehem (Micah 5) the first of the slavery of the nation (Gen. 49) the seventieth week of years after the edict for the reconstruction of temple of Jerusalem (Daniel 9) and first of destruction of for this second temple the work of a foreign nation (Haggai. 2 Malachi 3). The her coming will be preceded by a universal peace (Psalm. 71 Isaiah 2 Daniel 2 Zechariah. 3) and will be announced and prepared by a special envoy (Malachi. 3) whose voice will resonate in desert (Isaiah. 40). The Messiah of as the name of in fact Jesus will say Salvatore (habac. 3 Isaiah 5i etc..) Emmanuel or God with us we (Isaiah. 7) ie the Anointed for Christ excellence (Psalm. 2 44 61 Isaiah Lamentations 4 the Son of God (Psalm. 2 Hosea. 11) God (Isaiah. 9 25 35 40 Ps. 44 109 Bar. 3 Malachi. 3) and hidden God (Isaiah. 45) according to the order of the pope Melchizedek (Psalm. 109) the right for excellence (Jeremiah. 23 Wisdom. 2 Isaiah 45 62 etc.). the Holy and the Holy of Holies (Psalm. 4 15 Isaiah 12 Daniel 9) the admirable the counselor the mighty God the father of future century the Prince of the peace (Isaiah. 9 ).

2. her and birth the her youth].
Will be adored by the kings of the East That will offer gold and incense (Psalm. 71 Isaiah 60); the Savior sojourn in Egypt (Hosea. II) and to in Nazareth Galilee (according to the text jew Isaiah 3) converse with the inhabitants of Zion (Isaiah. 12 etc..) and glue her presence will honor the second temple (Haggai. 2 Malachi. 3). It will be poor and from her youth work be done (Psalm. 87) and however and will be king possessor of eternal an That kingdom will extend to the ends of the earth (Psalm. 2). It will be obedient (Psalm. 39) and sweet and peaceful (Psalm. 119).

3. her apostolic career].
He not crush with the feet and the broken reed not turn off the wick That still smokes (Isaiah. 42); to go look for the lost sheep raise those That macaws falls bind up the wounds of those That macaws wounds will strengthen the weak and confirm the faithful in the lead ways of Justice (Ezek. 34) ; comforted the afflicted (Isaiah. 61) and to work miracles for the blind the deaf the dumb and so on. (Isaiah. 35 42). However in spite of the intrinsic efficacy of the her the divine word (Isaiah. 1149) despite the splendor of this divine light (Isaiah. 9 43 6o) the Messiah will be a stone of scandal and an occasion of ruin for an large number of Jews (Isaiah. 1 6 8 42).

4. her passion and the her death].
Isaiah Zechariah and the Psalms are as a sort of prophetic gospel. It is judged by the following: "I weighed out for reward my 30 silver coins. And the Lord said to me: Throw to this beautiful statuary that sum to which I have estimated (Zechariah. 21). Truly leaned against our griefs took upon our sorrows. it seemed like an leper smitten of God and afflicted. for our iniquity is Been covered of wounds was smashed for our of ict. Out of he is fallen That the punishment we must bring peace and with his stripes we were healed. we were lost in false ways and God compounded of all our iniquities hit him for the of conflicts of his people. not there's more he neither beauty nor glory. We saw more not was recognizable it was an object of contempt the last of the men an of man and pains all disfigured as sheep will be led to be killed and as an lamb is dumb before to That he his shearer so he not opens her mouth (Isaiah. 53); more resembling an worm That to an man the reproach of men and the refusal of the plebs (Salt 21). That wounds are in these the midst of your hands? are made ​​to me by those wounds That my friends were saying (Zechariah. 13). And pierced my hands my feet they counted all my bones. I considered it and I examined; divided my clothes and they cast lots for to have my garments (Psalm 21). How many saw me mocked of me and her lips moved shook their heads. He confided in you Lord they say; the free save it if you is is it That she loves him (Psalm. 21 Wisdom. 2). as bulls surrounded me roared as lions; as a pack of dogs attacked me with Wrath (Psalm. 21). for food they gave me gall and for calm my thirst they offered me vinegar (Psalm 68). All day I was the object of for derision all my people (Jeremiah. 3).

5 Establishment of the her the Church].
The most part of the prophecies announce it: "On the inhabitants of Jerusalem God will spend his spirit give them a new spirit and an new heart (Isaiah. 46 Ezek. 37 Jol. 2). Preached first in Zion (Isaiah. 2 Micah 11) The word of God will be carried by faithful witnesses (Isaiah. 43 44) in Africa in Lydia in Italy in Greece the isles afar off to the people immersed in the shadows of the death That they will conquer the Lord (Isaiah. 60 52). them will go in and the fire will try them as gold is tried (Zechariah. 13). A new alliance will bring together all peoples (Isaiah. 49 Jeremiah. 31st Hosea. 2 etc..): wolves and lambs and lions sheep and docile peaceful live together (Isaiah. 11 Sof. 3 Jeremiah. 32) ".

6 The sacrifice of the new law].
To cap off the wonderful set of the revelations about the Messiah Malachi That ends the series of prophets proclaim That the sacrifices of the old law which had been offered in only temple of Jerusalem will be subrogated by a 'oblation all pure That will be done in every place and at all ì nations (Malachi. 1 10 il). Isaiah and David adds That this sacrifice of the new covenant will be offered by priests removed from all nations (Isaiah. 66) under the supreme pontiff according to the order of Melchizedek (Psalm 109).

Figure 7 prophetic of Messiah].
That God wanted the spirit of his people were constantly busy of future Redeemer and everything would evoke him to her imagination. So not he was glad of preach through the ministry of the prophets. Conforming to the genius of the Jewish people and in general of all the peoples of the East of procured appear with the Messiah types and live with symbolic phenomena. Among the first mention Isaac Joseph Moses David Jonah; among the latter the paschal lamb the manna the serpent of bronze. In fact you can dine That and all worship institutions of the people of Israel had an typical character. "The whole of government the people says St. Augustine not That was a continual prophecy of King That waiting." not is to neglect this kind of prophecy which although not of servant according to the test That in this moment we expose it can nevertheless accomplish and confirm the arguments.

8 Between the end of the Messianic prophecies and the principle of their fulfillment spent five hundred years].
On the other hand we know That for making impossible any doubt as to this prior art of the prophecies Providence ordered That was translated into greek the Old Testament of nearly 300 years before Jesus Christ and That the translation called the Septuagint was widespread in the whole world long before of the coming of promised Messiah. But these prophecies That succeeded so numerous in an of course 4000 years and That they found themselves in agreement in announcing the same event extraordinary prodigious to impossible to predict you are then really accomplish? That is the question especially important to examine.

The fulfillment of the prophecies].
To fully convinced of perfect fulfillment of all these prophecies Jesus Christ and only in Jesus Christ just read the Gospels. The agreement of the Old with the New Testament is so wonderful That if with most certainly not That we knew the prophetic books existed many centuries before of Jesus Christ we are tempted to believe That than so many and the precise circumstances were written after the events by historians and not by the prophets. are known efforts tempted by modern critics especially from Renan Wellhousen etc. Darmstetter. for take away the supernatural character of the prophetic mission and for the prophets assign a historic part different from that That their attributes the tradition. not hath kind of That flaw not it is made to undergo the texts no fantastic interpretation which not use has been made for lower the prophets in the same way of simple fortune-tellers or for represent their predictions as written after the fact. However if the naturalistic theory is untenable in That it concerns the history and the religion of Israel why not correspond to the facts it is even less sustainable as we will see in That it concerns the 'proclamation of the Messiah.

1 The age and THE PLACE of the coming of Messiah had been well determined].
Vintage and THE PLACE of the coming of Messiah had been well determined and for widespread all the earth That at the time of the proclamation of the Roman Empire under Augustus not only the Jews but all the people were waiting for the great event. This same expectation That had been foretold by the prophets is attested by all contemporary historians. "On the faith of ancient prophecies says Tacitus was the general persuasion That the East would prevail and That from Judea would come out of the masters world." At to just speak with the same terms and Suetonius Joseph jew. The expectation of promised deliverer was so general and so alive at the Jews That many of them blindly followed some factions which are spacciarono for precursors of or for the Messiah the Messiah himself. Hence the numerous rebellions That preceded the destruction of Jerusalem. It is remarkable! while Europe was waiting for an Salvatore from the East and the Indians the Chinese were waiting by the West. Codest is stated by Voltaire his additions to the overall story. From one and the other side looks focused on an small spot of globe That Boulanger an another unbelieving quite rightly calls "the center of the hope of all nations."
The other prophecies are of equal true. That we may say the picture of the prophecies of the Old Testament is the picture of the life and of the death of Jesus Christ the history of abridged his works and of wonderful establishment of to her the Church. The comparison is clear and the application not only is easy but you do by herself. The prophets are witnesses That only to lay favor of Jesus: "Huic omnes Prophetae testimonium perhibent" said St. Peter to the Jews (Acts 10 43). All of them their predictions all kinds prophetic figurative of all the institutions the ancient law refer to Jesus of and Nazareth prove That he is the true Messiah appointed by divine inspiration the Savior of gender human.

2 We must therefore be surprised seeing the apostles constantly invoke the testimony of the prophets for convince the Jews of the divine mission of Jesus Christ?
 For other listeners presented arguments of another kind; but for their compatriots nothing could match the strength of this. Therefore s. Peter made ​​it the basis of his exhortations That converted thousands of people. After pleading in as a witness of the heavenly voice heard on Tabor appeals to the prophecies as to a test even more irrefrangibile: "Habemus firmiorem propheticus sermonem" (II. Ep. 1 19).
St. Paul by her consecrated to whole days let them see Jesus in the law of Moses and in the prophets: Suadebat eis de Jesu ex lege et Moysi Prophetis to mane usque ad vesperam (Acts viii 23).

3 The same Jesus got up the courage of his disciples showing them That all that troubled them not That was the fulfillment of the prophecies]:
 Interpretabatur in illis Scripturis omnibus quae de ipso erant (s. Luca 2421. That we had hoped it was to him Israel free with all this is now the third day since these things are happened. 22 But some women of our we were astounded they went to the tomb 23 in the morning and not having found his body they came to tell us of they had seen a vision of angels who said That he is alive. 24. Some of our altars and went to the tomb they found as the women had said but he did not have seen it. "25 and he said to them" O foolish men and of late heart in believe all that the prophets have spoken! 26. not That was necessary for the Christ to suffer these things get into her glory?. "27 and beginning from Moses and from all the prophets he expounded unto them in all the Scriptures that what he was referring to him. 28 When they approached the village where they were going Jesus acted as if he were going farther. 29 But they urged him strongly "Stay with us we it is nearly evening and the day is now almost over. "). and therefore he had said to the Jews: Study the scriptures which you believe That contain the words of life they testify to my favor (S. John. 5 39).
From the fulfillment of the many prophecies made ​​many centuries before That about events it was impossible to conjecture it is with the greatest evidence That Jesus Christ is truly the Messiah the one sent by God announced and expected to be several thousand years and That for consequently the religion he founded and by so long predicted is truly divine. In fact only the One to whom all the centuries are present and That alone can prepare and directing the events of her glue wisdom and omnipotence he could make similar revelations. "The fulfillment of all the prophecies he said with Pascal right is an perpetual miracle and not no need of for other evidence recognize the divinity of the Christian religion."
We can not refrain from quoting here a magnificent pages of Lacordaire. After mentioning the major Messianic prophecies as he exclaimed:
"Here gentlemen two facts parallel and correlative and all two certain and all two of a gigantic proportion That one lasted two thousand years of Jesus Christ the other That hard by one thousand eight hundred after Christ Jesus: That one announces a major revolution and impossible to predict That the other it is the fulfillment and all having two Jesus Christ for principle for end for conjunction. I ask you again: that do you think? Would you take possibly the party of the denial? But That what neghereste?
Perhaps the existence of the Messianic idea? But this is in the Jewish people That is living in the whole series of the monuments of the her history in universal traditions of mankind in more open denominations of the most profound disbelief.
Perhaps the anteriority of the circumstances prophetic? But the Jewish people That Has Jesus Christ crucified and That Has an and the national interest to secular rob him of the evidence the her divinity That there asserts its scriptures were an That this time are nowadays; and to greater security two hundred and fifty days before Jesus Christ (250 °.AC) under the king of Egypt Ptolemy Philadelphus and upon his orders throughout the Old Testament translated greek became the property of the Roman world of the whole civilized world.
You'll turn to the other pole of the question and deny the fulfillment of the messianic idea? But the Catholic Church daughter of this idea is before your eyes there HAS baptized.
Maybe you will try your foothold in the encounter of these two formidable events?
That you deny Jesus Christ has in her person verified the Messianic idea That he is a Jew of the tribe of Judah of the house of David That he founded the Catholic Church on the double ruin of the Synagogue and of idolatry?
But the two parties and in agree irreconcilable enemy everything.
The Jew says "yes; and the Christian says "yes.
That will say this meeting of miraculous events at the precise point of Jesus Christ is the effect of a case?
But the case though there n'ha not is That an accident and short fortuitous the her the definition excludes the idea of succession: not it gives the case of two thousand years and of one thousand eight hundred others to be added to those two thousand. "
"Gentlemen when God works nothing remains to be against of him and Jesus Christ we see the engine of and past the engine of the future to the soul of the times he front and to the soul of the times he rear. for half of 'his ancestors he is linked to the Jewish people That is the largest monument social and religious of ancient times and for to her posterity binds the Catholic Church That is the greatest work and social religious of the new times. He appears to us in taking her left hand the Old Testament the greatest book of the times That preceded him and in her right hand holding the Gospel the greatest book of the times that followed him. and in the meantime so be preceded and followed he is in himself still the largest of its ancestors and of to her posterity of the patriarchs and the prophets and the apostles the martyrs. Though all that is of more illustrious before and after of he suffraghi the her personal appearance comes off again from this fund sublime and reveals to us That God not HAS neither model nor equal "(41st conference 1846).
(Taken from W. Devivier SJ Christian apologetics course. Reasoned position of the fundamentals of the faith 6.a ed. Italian revised and updated by P. Celestino Thestor SJ Libreria Editrice Emiliana Venice 1937).

✙ ♥. ♔ WELCOME in my holy JHWH holy! ✙ ♥. This is Faith that give the victory it has conquered the world; the Our Faith! 1 Giov 54[♚MENE ★ TECHEL ★ PERES] ♰ PAX ♰CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰"Drink your poisons made by yourself". ♰ by ★ ♰ Rei Unius★ ♥King♥Israel♥Mahdì C. S. P. B. Crux Sancti Patris Benedecti Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto C. S. S. M. L. Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux Croce sacra sii la mia Luce N. D. S. M. D. Non draco sit mihi dux Che il dragone non sia il mio duce V. R. S. Vadre Retro satana Allontanati satana! N. S. M. V. Non Suade Mihi Vana Non mi persuaderai di cose vane S. M. Q. L. Sunt Mala Quae Libas Ciò che mi offri è cattivo I.V. B. Ipsa Venena Bibas Bevi tu stesso i tuoi veleni. + In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritui Sancto Croce del Santo Padre Benedetto. Croce Santa sii la mia Luce e non sia mai il dragone mio duce. Va indietro satana! Non mi persuaderai di cose vane. Sono mali le cose che mi offri bevi tu stesso il tuo veleno. Nel Nome del Padre del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo +. Amen!
EXCEPTIONAL: The only scientific test That of Jesus Nazareth is God.
Prophecy = Progeny of a woman (virgin birth) Reference = Genesis 3:15 Consummation Lu. 1:35; + Mt. 1: 18-20
Prophecy 2 = He will crush the head of Satan - Reference = Genesis 3:15 Consummation ----- Hebrews 2:14; + 1 Jn. 3:18
Prophecy 3 = bodily ascension to heaven - Reference Genesis 5:24 = 6:19 Consummation Mr.
4 = Son of Prophecy Sem - Reference = Genesis 9: 26-27 Consummation Lu. 3:36
5 From the seed of Abraham - Reference = Genesis 12: 3 Consummation At.3: 25-26
6 Promised to descendants of Abraham - Reference = Genesis 12: 7 Consummation Ga. 3:16
7 priest after Melchizedek - Reference = Genesis 14:18 Consummation ----- Hebrews 6:20
8 Re - Reference = Genesis 14:18 - Fulfillment Heb. 7: 2
9 of foreshadowing the last supper Genesis 14:18 - Fulfillment Mt. 26: 26-29
10 Seed of Isaac Genesis 17:19 - Fulfillment Romans 9: 7
11 The Lamb of God promised Genesis 22: 8 - Consummation Jn. 1:29
12 The descendants of Isaac will bless the nations Genesis 22:18 Ga.3: 16
13 The Redeemer by the progeny of Isaac Genesis 26: 2-5 ---- Hebrews 11:18
14 The time of the her Genesis 49:10 ---- Ga appearance. 4: 4 + Lu. 2: 1-7;
15 Seed of Judah Genesis 49:10 ---- Lu. 3:33
16 Called Shiloh or "Sent" Genesis 49:10 ---- Jn. 17: 3
17 Before That Judah lost the identity Genesis 49:10 ---- Jn. 11: 47-52
Obedience to 18 Genesis 49:10 ---- He Jn. 10:16
19 The Great I are Exodus 3: 13-14 ---- Jn. 4:26
20 an a lamb without blemish Exodus 12: 5 ---- 1 Peter 1:19
21 The blood of the Lamb saves from wrath Exodus 12:13 ---- Ro. 5: 8
22 Christ our Passover Exodus 12: 21-27 ---- 1 Corinthians 5: 7
23 No bone of the Lamb will be broken Exodus 24:46 ---- Jn. 19: 31-36
24 Prediction of the exaltation of Yeshua Exodus 15: 2 ---- At. 7: 55-56
25 Holiness of his nature Exodus 15:11 ---- Lu.1: 35; + At. 4:27
26. spiritual Rock of Israel Exodus 17: 6 ---- 1 Corinthians 10: 4
Exodus 33:19 27 Merciful ---- Luke 1:72
28 Purification by leprosy Leviticus 14:11 ---- Lu. 5: 12-14; + Mt 8: 2
29 Uniqueness of the death of Christ Le. 16: 15-17 ---- Hebrews 9: 7-14
30 The Suffering off the field. 16:27 ---- Mt 27:33; + Hebrews 13: 11-12
31 Blood the life of the flesh Le. Mr. ---- 17:11 26:28; + Mt. 10:45
32 The means of blood atonement Leviticus 17:11 ---- Gv.3: 14-18
33 "If a man HAS thirst" Le. 23: 36-37 ---- Gv.7: 37-38
34 No broken bone Numbers 9:12 ---- Jn. 19: 31-36
35 Christ on the cross high Numbers 21: 9 ---- Jn. 3: 14-18
36 Time: "I see him but not now" Numbers 00:17 ---- Galatians 4: 4
37 will be an prophet De 18:15 ---- Gv.6: 14
38 believed to Moses to believe me Deuteronomy 18: 15-16 ---- Jn. 5: 45-47
39 Sent to proclaim the Word of Father De. l8: 18 ---- Jn. 8: 28-29
40 If someone not listen... De. 18:19 ---- At.3: 23
41 Cursed be hung to an De tree. 21:23 ---- Galatians 3: 10-13
42 Has Christ redeemed. Rut: -9 ---- Eph. 1: 3-7.
43 an Rè anointed for the Lord 1 Samuel 2:10 ---- Mt. 28:18; + Jn. 12:15
44 The seed of David 2Sa. 7:12 ---- Mt. 1: 1
45 The Son of God 2 Sam ---- Lu 7:14. 1:32
46 The house of David established for always 2 Sam ---- Lu 7:16. 3:31; + Ap. 22:16
47. bodily ascension to heaven 2 Kings: 11 ---- Lu. 00:51
48 The seed of David 1Ch 17:11 ---- Mt. 1: 1; 9:27
49 On the throne of David for always 1Ch. 17: 12-13 ---- Lu. 1: 32-33
50 "I will be his Father and he My Son" 1 Cr. 17:13 ---- Hebrews 1: 5
51 The resurrection predicted Job 19: 23-27 ---- Gv.5: 24-29
52 He became humble men Job 25: 6 ---- Mt.27: 30-31
53 Enmity preordained kings of Psalm 2: 1-3 ---- At. 4: 25-28
54 He had the title of Unto (SI = read: Psalm) Psalm 2: 2 ---- At. 2:36
55. his character: holiness Psalm. 2: 6 Ap. 3: 7
56 He had the title of King of Psalm 2: 6 ---- Mt 2: 2
57 Declared the beloved Son Psalm 2: 7 ---- MT.3: 17
58 The crucifixion and the resurrection Psalm 2: 7-8 ---- At. 13: 29-33
59 Life comes from faith in He Psalm 2:12 ---- Jn. 20:31
60 Praise be perfect from the mouths of children Psalm 8: 2 ---- Mt. 21:16
61. her and humiliation the her exaltation. Psalm 8: 5-6. ---- Lu. 24: 50-53;. + 1 Co. 15:27
62. not he would have seen the corruption Psalm 16:10 ---- At. 2:31
63 He must rise again from the dead Psalm 16: 9-11 ---- Jn. 20: 9
64 The resurrection predicted Psalm 17:15 ---- Lu. 24: 6
65 Abandoned for the sins of others Psalm 22: 1 2 Co. 5:21
66 Words from Calvary: "My God..." Psalm 22: 1 ---- Mr. 15:34
Psalm 67 Darkness on Calvary. 22: 2 ---- Mt. 27:45
68. shook his head Psalm 22: 7 ---- Mt. 27:39
Has 69 confided in God That God help him SL 22: 8 Mt. 27:43
70 The Savior is born SL 22: 9 ---- Lu. 2: 7
71 died with the broken heart Psalm 22:14 ---- Jn. 19:34
72 He suffered the agony on Calvary Psalm 22: 14-15 ---- Mr: 15: 34-37
He was thirsty SL 73 ---- Jn 22:15. 19:28
74. and pierced hands feet SL ---- Jn 22:16. 19: 3437; + Jn. 20:27
The 75 stripped of in front of men Psalm 22: 17-18 ---- Lu. 23: 34-35
76 They divided His garments Psalm 22:18 ---- Jn. 19: 23-24
77 He got back to God Psalm 22: 20-21 ---- Lu. 23:46
78 Satan bruised the heel Redeemer Psalm 22: 20-21 ---- Hebrews 2:14
79. her resurrection was proclaimed Psalm 22:22 Jn. 20:17
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
80 The Governor of the nations Ps 22: 27-28 ----? Colossians 1:16
81 "It is finished!" Psalm 22:31 Psalm ---- = Jn. 19:30
82 "I are the good shepherd" Psalm 23: 1 ---- Jn. 10:11
83. her exaltation announced Psalm 24: 3 ---- At. 1:11; + FI. 2: 9
84. her ascension Psalm 24: 7-10 ---- Jn. 7:33
85. her resurrection expected Psalm 30: 3 ---- At. 2:32
86 "Into your hands I commit my spirit" Psalm 31: 5 ---- Lu. 23:46
87.1 acquaintances fled from Him Psalm 31:11 ---- Mr.14: 50
88 They agreed for send him to death Psalm 31:13 ----? 11:53
Has 89 confided in God God will free Psalm 31: 14-15 ---- Mt. 27:43
90. not an sol The bone was broken Psalm 34:20 ---- Jn. 19: 31-36
91 False witnesses against of Him Psalm 35:11 ---- Mt. 26:59
92 He was hated without a cause Psalm 35:19 ---- Jn. 15:25
93.1 His friends watched from afar Psalm 38:11 ---- Lu. 23:49
94 The joy of the resurrection was foretold Psalm 40: 2-5 ---- Jn. 20:20
95. his beloved follow the Father Psalm 40: 6-8 ---- Jn. 4:34
96 Justice preached in Israel Psalm 40: 9 ---- mt.4: 17
97 It was addressed garden Psalm 40:14 ---- v. 18: 1
98 Betrayed by an friend Psalm 41: 9 ---- Jn. 13:18
99 From His lips descended grace Psalm 45: 2 ---- Lu. 4:22
100 would have been called God or Elohim Psalm 45: 6 ---- Hebrews 1: 8
101 Anointed by the Spirit HOLY Psalm 45: 7 ---- Mt. 3:16; + Hebrews 1: 9
102 Called Christ (Messiah Anointed One) Psalm 45: 7-8 ---- Lu.2: ll
103 Worthy of our worship Psalm 45:11 ---- Mt 2: 2
104 Betrayed by an friend not as an enemy Psalm 55: 12-14 ---- Jn. 13:18
105 Death of unrepentant traitor Psalm 55:15 ---- Mt. 27: 3-5; + At. 1: 16-19
106 He gave gifts to men Psalm 68:18 ---- Eph. 4: 7-16
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
He ascended into heaven SL 107 ---- Lu 68:18. 00:51
108 He was hated without an why Psalm 69: 4 ---- Jn. 15:25
109 an alien for your brothers Psalm 69: 8 ---- Lu. 8: 20-21
Zealous for 110 the home of Lord Psalm 69: 9 ---- Jn. 2:17
111 The pain of first of Messiah the cross ---- Psalm 69: 14-20 ---- Mt. 26: 36-45
112 "My soul is oppressed..." Psalm 69:20 ---- Mt. 26:38
He was thirsty and 113 he was given vinegar Psalm 69:21 ---- Mt. 27:34
114 The Savior delivered and smitten Psalm 69:26 ---- Jn. 17: 4; + Jn. 18:11
115 Great men have visited the SL 72: 10-11 ---- Mt 2: 1-11
116 n grain of wheat fallen to earth SL Jn 72:16. 24:24
117 The name Yinon produces fruit SL ---- Jn 72:17. 1: 12-13
118 All nations blessed in He SL ---- Acts 72:17. 2: 11-12 41
119 He taught in parables SL 78: 1-2 ---- Mt. 13: 34-35
120 He spoke wisely with authorities SL 78: 2 ---- Mt. 7:29
121 From the tribe of Judah Psalm 78: 67-68 ---- Lu. 3:33
122 He had compassion SL Mt. 9:36 ---- 86:15
123 They were to look away from the Psalm 88: 8 ---- Lu. 23:49
124 Greatest of the kings of the earth Psalm 89:27 ---- Lu. 1: 32-33
125 The seed of David will last forever Psalm 89: 35-37 Lu. 1: 32-33
126. his character: loyalty Psalm 89: 36-37 ---- Rev. 1: 5
127 He is from eternity to eternity Mi 5: 2 + Psalm 90: 2; Jn. 1: 1
128 Identified as the Messiah SL 91: 11-12 Lu. 4: 10-11
129. her exaltation announced Psalm 97: 9 At.1: 11; + Ef. 1:20
130. his character: goodness Psalm 100: 5 Mt. 19: 16-17
131 Suffering the reproach of Calvary SL 102: 1-11 ---- Jn. 19: 16-18
132 The Messiah is the Son That preexisting SL 102: 25-27 ---- Hebrews 1: 10-12
133 mocked Psalm 109: 25 ---- Mt. 27:39
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
134 Son of David Psalm 110: 1 ---- Mt. 22:43
135 Ascended to the right hand of Father Psalm 110: 1 ---- Mr 16:19
136 The Son of David called the Lord SL 110: 1 Mt. 22: 44-45
137 Priest according to the order of Melchizedek SL 110: 4 ---- Ebrei6: 20
138. his character: compassionate SL 112: 4. ---- Mt. 9:36
139 The certainty of the resurrection SL 118: 17-18 ---- Lu. 24: 5-7; + Co: 15:20
140 The rejected stone is the cornerstone Psalm 118: 22-23 ---- Mt. 21:42
141 The Blessed One presented to Israel SL 118: 26 Mt.21: 9
142 would come when there was the temple SL 118: 26 Mt. 21:12
143 Seed of David (the result of his body) SL 132: 11 ---- Lu.1: 32
144 The seed of David surprises the king SL 138: 1-6 ---- Mt. 2: 2-6.
145 of them earthly ministry Christ SL 147: 3 6 ---- Lu. 4:18
146 He will send the Spirit of God SL 147: 18 ---- Jn. 1: 6: 7
147 Friend of sinners Pr 18: 24 ---- Mt. 11:19
148 Still loving Song ---- Jn 5:16. 1:17
149 judge between the nations Isaiah = Isaiah 2: 4 Lu. 11:22.
150 Bel bud and true vine Is. 4: 2 Gv.l5: l
151 When Isaiah saw her glory Is.6: 1 Jn. 12: 40-41
152 The parables fall on deaf ears Isaiah 6: 9-10 ---- Mt. 13: 13-15
153 Blind to Christ deaf to His words Isaiah 6: 9-12 ---- At. 28: 23-29
154 would be born of a - virgin Is.7: 14 ---- Lu. 1:35
155 Emmanuel God with us we Isaiah 7:14 ---- Mt. 1: 18-23
156 was called Emmanuel Is.8: 8 ---- Mt: 28:20.
157 Stone of stumbling stumbling stone Isaiah ---- 1 Peter 8:14. 2: 8
158 The beginning of his ministry and Galilee Isaiah 9: 1-2 Mt 4: 12-17
159 Uh child there is born humanity Is.9: 6 Lu. 1:31
160 n there is the Son Been since beyond divinity Isaia.9: 6 ---- Lu. 1:32; + Jn. 1:14; + 1 Ti. 3:16
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
161 Declared the Son of God with power Is.9: 6 ---- Romans 1: 3-4
162 Called Wonderful Peleh Isaiah 9: 6 ---- Lu.4: 22
163 The Director Yaatz Isaiah 9: 6 ---- Mt. 13:54
164 Mighty God El Gibor Isaiah 9: 6 ---- Mt 11:20
165 Eternal Father Avi Adth Is.9: 6 ---- Jn. 8:58
166 Prince of the Peace Sar Shalom Is.9: 6 ---- Jn. 16:33
167 Establish an eternal kingdom Is.9: 7 ---- Lu. 1: 32-33
168. his character: Is.9 right: 7 ---- Jn. 5:30
169 kingdom and throne peace without end Is.9: 7 ---- Lu. 1: 32-33
170 Called Nazarene Isaiah 11: 1 ---- Mt.2: 23
171 Branch from the stump of Jesse the son of Jesse: Isaiah 11: 1 ---- Lu. 3:23 32
172 The Anointed by the Spirit Is.11: 2 Mt 3: 16-17
173. his character: wisdom Isaiah 11: 2 Jn. 4: 4-26
174. his character: truth Isaiah 11: 4 Jn. 14: 6
175.1 Gentiles seek Him Isaiah 11:10 Jn. 12: 18-21
176 Called Jesus Yeshua (salvation) Isaiah 12: 2 ---- Mt l: 21
177 The resurrection predicted Is: 25: 8 ---- 1 Co. 15:54
178 The power of the resurrection foretold Isaiah 26:19 ---- Jn. 11: 43-44
179 Precious Cornerstone Isaiah 28:16 ---- At. 4: 11-12
180 hypocritical Obedience to the Word Is.29: 13 ---- Mt. 15: 7-9
181 The wise confused by the word Isaiah 29:14 ---- 1 Corinthians 1: 18-31
182 n shelter an for place hiding Isaiah 32: 2 ---- Mt. 23:37
He will come to 183 save Isaiah 35: 4 ---- Mt. 1:21
It will have an 184 miraculous ministry Is.35: 5 ---- Mt. 11: 4-6.
185 It will be preceded by an precursor Isaiah 40: 3-4 ---- Jn. 1:23
186 "Here is your God!" Isaiah 40: 9 ---- Jn. 1:36; + Jn. 19:14
187 Shepherd compassionate giver of life Is.40: 11 Jn. 10: 10-18
188 Fedele patient redeemer Isaiah 42: 1-4 Mt. 12: 18-21
189 Meek and humble Isaiah 42: 2 Mt. 11: 28-30
190 He brings hope to the hopeless Isaiah 42; 3 ---- Jn. 4: 1-26
191 nations await His teachings Isaiah 42: 4 Jn. 12: 20-26
192 The Light the salvation of the Gentiles Isaiah 42: 6 ---- Lu. 2: 32
193 Universal Compassion Is.42: l 6 ---- Mt. 28: 19-20
194 The eyes of the blind are opened Isaiah 42: 7 ---- Jn. 9: 25-38
195 He is the only Savior Isaiah 43:11 ---- At. 4:12
196 He will send the Spirit of God Isaiah 44: 3 ---- Jn. 16: 7.13
197 He will be the Judge Isaiah 45:23 ---- Jn. 5:22; + Ro. 14:11
198 The first and the last Is.48: 12 ---- Jn. 1:30; + Ap. 1: 8 17
199 He comes as the Master Is.48: 17 ---- Jn. 3: 2
200 Called from the womb Is.49: l ---- Mt. 1:18
201 n servant from the womb Isaiah 49: 5 ---- Lu. 1:31; + FI. 2: 7
202 He is salvation for Israel Isaiah 49: 6 ---- Lu. 2: 29-32
203 He is the Light of the Gentiles Isaiah 49: 6 ---- At. 13:47
204 Salvation unto the ends of the earth Isaiah 49: 6 At. 15: 7-18
205 He is detested by the nation Isaiah 49: 7 ---- Jn. 8: 48-49
206 The sky darkens to her humiliation Isaiah 50: 3 ---- Lu. 23: 44-45
207 Counselor for who is tired Isaiah 50: 4 ---- Mt. 11: 28-29
208 Servo That voluntarily obeys Isaiah 50: 5 ---- Mt. 26:39
209 "I HAS my back to who smote me" Isaiah 50: 6 ---- Mt. 27:26
210 He was struck on the cheeks Isaiah 50: 6 ---- Mt. 26:67
211 The spat Isaiah 50: 6 ---- Mt. 27:30
Announcement of 212 good news of peace Isaiah 52: 7 ---- Lu. 4: 14-15
213 The Servant exalted ---- At Isaiah 52:13. 1: 8-11; + Ef. 1: 19-22
214 "Here is my servant" Isaiah 52:13 ---- Philippians. 2: 5-8
215 The Servant Isaiah 52:14 horribly outraged ---- Lu. 18: 31-34; + Mt. 26: 67-68
216 nations surprises from his Isaiah 52:15 Post Rom. 15: 18-21
217. his shed blood atonement for all Isaiah 52:15 Ap. 1: 5
The 218 his not the people would believe Isaiah 53: 1 Jn. 12: 37-38
219 He grew up in a poor household Isaiah 53: 2 Lu. 2: 7
220 Appearance of an ordinary man Isaiah 53: 2 FI. 2: 7-8
221 Despised Isaiah 53: 3 Lu. 4: 28-29
222 Rejected Isaiah 53: 3 Mt. 27: 21-23
223 Great sadness and pain Isaiah 53: 3 Lu. 19: 41-42
224 The men hide their faces Isaiah 53: 3 Mr. 14: 50-52
225 n ministry of healing Isaiah 53: 4 Lu. 6: 17-19
226 Port of sins the world Isaiah 53: 5 1 Pet. 2:24
227 Considered cursed by God Is.53: 4 Mt. 27: 41-43
228 Port of guilt of sin man Isaiah 53: 5 Lu. 23:33
229 Peace between man and God Isaiah 53: 5 ---- Colossians?. 1:20
230 They would have whipped Isaiah 53: 5 ---- Mt. 27:26
231 He took the sins of all humanity Isaiah 53: 6 Ga. 1: 4
232 God chose to bear the sin of the man Isaiah 53: 6 1 Jn. 4:10
233 Oppressed and afflicted Isaiah 53: 7 Mt. 27: 27-31
234. in silence before His accusers Isaiah 53: 7 Mt. 27: 12-14
235 sacrificial Lamb Isaiah 53: 7 Jn. 1:29
236 arrested and persecuted Isaiah 53: 8 Mt. 26:47; Mt 27:31
The 237 would have judged Isaiah 53: 8 Jn. 18: 13-22
238 Hit and crucified Isaiah 53: 8 ---- Mt. 27:35
239 He died for the sins of world Isaiah 53: 8 ---- 1 Jn. 2: 2
240 Buried in the tomb of an rich Isaiah 53: 9 ---- Mt. 27: 57-60
241 Innocent not he made no violence Isaiah 53: 9 ---- Mr. 15: 3
242 not there was no deceit in her mouth Isaiah 53: 9 ---- Jn. 18:38
243 That God wanted to die for the man Isaiah 53:10 ---- Jn. 18:11
244 An offering for the sin Isaiah 53:10 Mt. 20:28
245 and risen and lives for always Mr. Isaiah 53:10 16:19
246 He thrived Isaiah 53:10 Jn. 17: 1-5
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
247 satisfied God for the her suffering Isaiah 53:11 ---- Jn. 12:27
248 The Servant of God Isaiah 53:11 Rom. 5: 18-19
249 He justified the men of front-to-God Isaiah 53:11 Rom. 5: 8-9
250 One That brought the sin of all Hebrews 9:28 Isaiah 53:11 -----
251 Exalted by God for the his sacrifice Mt Isa 53:12.. 28:18
252 He gave his life for to save humanity Isaiah 53:12 ---- Lu. 23:46
253. to Put together criminals Isaiah 53:12 ---- Lu.23: 32
254 He took the sin of all humanity Isaiah 53:12 2 Corinthians 5:21
255 He intercedes for the man Is.53: 12 Lu. 23:34
256 Risen from God Is.55: 3 Acts; 13:34
257 n witness Is.55: 4; Jn. 18: 3.7.
258 Dimora eternity lives in heart Isaiah 57:15 ---- Ro. 10:10
259. his ministry prisoners free Isaiah 58: 6 ---- Lu. 4: 17-18
260 was for give salvation Isaiah 59: 15-16 ---- Jn. 6:40
261 intercedes between man and God Isaiah 59: 15-16.. ---- Mt 10:32
262 came to as Sion Redeemer Isaiah 59:20 ---- Lu.2: 38
263 The Spirit of God out of Him Isaiah 61: 1-2 ---- : Mt 3: 16-17 '
264 He preached the Good News Isaiah 61: 1-2 ---- Lu. 4: 17-21
265 He gave freedom from slavery Isaiah 61: 1-2 ---- Jn. 8: 31-32
Proclamation 266 an time of grace Isaiah 61: 1-2 ---- Gv.5: 24
267 for power save Is.63: l ---- Mt. 9: 6
268. joy instead of pain Is.61: 3 ---- Gv.17: 13
269 ​​Direction of David Jeremiah = Gr. 23: 5-6 ---- Lu. 3: 23-31
270 The Messiah would be God Gr. 23: 5-6 ---- Jn. 13:13
271 The Messiah and God man Gr. 23: 5-6 1 ---- Ti. 3:16
Born of a virgin 272 Gr. 31:21 ---- Mt. 1: 18-20
273 The Messiah was the New Covenant Gr. Mt. 31:31 ---- 26:28
274 Direction of David Gr. 33: 14-15 ---- Lu. 3: 23-31
275 He proclaimed the Word of God Ez. 2: 1 Jn. 17: 8
276 Direction of David Ez. 17: 22-24 Lu. 3: 23-31
277 The men marveled Ez. 32:10 Mr. 5:20
Reference Prophecy Fulfillment
278 Direction of David Ez. 34: 23-24 Mt. 1: 1
279 It would have ascended to cycle Daniele = Da.7: 13-14 At. 1: 9-11
From 280 Greatly exalted. 7: 13-14 Eph. 1: 20-22
281. his From everlasting dominion. 7: 13-14 Lu. 1: 31-33
For 282 put an end to sin Da. 9:24 ---- Galati. 1: 3-5
283; It would have been SANTO Da. 9:24 Lu. 1:35
The order of 284 From Jerusalem to rebuild. 9:25 Jn. 12: 12-13
285 The Messiah deleted Da. 9:26 Mt. 27:35
286 Died for the sins of world Da. 9:26 ----- Hebrews 2: 9
287 Killed first of the destruction of a temple Da. 9: 26.1; Mt.27: 50-51
288 The Messiah glorified Da. 10: 5-6 Ap. 1: 13-16
289 The personification of the love Hosea 11: 2 Cor 4 5: 14
290 He would defeat death Hosea 13:14 1 Corinthians 15: 55-57
291. his scattered Spirit Joel 2:28 "At. 2: 17-18
292 offers salvation to all mankind Joel 2:32 Rom. 10: 12-13
293 Pre-existence of Christ Mi 5: 1 ----- Hebrews 1: 8
294 Born to Bethlehem Mi 5: 1 Mt. 2: 1-2
295 Servant of God Mi 5: 1 Jn. 15:10
296. eternity Mi 5: 1. Jn 8: 58
297 He visited the temple according to Haggai. 2: 6-9 Mon. 2: 27-32
298 Direction of Zerubbabel Ag. 2:23 Lu. 3: 23-27
299 Servant of God Za. 3: 8 Jn. 17: 4
300 Priest and King Zechariah = Za. 6: 12-13 ----- Ebrei8: l
301 Greeted with joy to Jerusalem Za. 9: 9 Mt. 21: 8-10
302 seen as king Za. 9: 9 Jn. 12: 12-13
303 The Messiah would be right Za. 9: 9 Jn. 5:30
304 The Messiah brought salvation Za. 9: 9 Lu. 19:10
305 The Messiah would be humble Za. 9: 9 Mt. 11:29
306 He entered Jerusalem on of an ass Za. 9: 9 Mt. 21: 6-9
307 The cornerstone Za. 10: 4 Eph. 2:20
Prophecy Fulfillment 308 leaders unworthy of Israel Za. 11: 4-6 Mt. 23: 1-4
309 The protection removed to because of refusal Za. 11: 4-6 Mon. 19: 41-44
310 Rejected to favor of an another king Za. 11: 4-6 John. 19: 13-15
311 Ministry for poor people Za. 11: 7 Mt. 9: 35-36
312 Unbelief leads to rejection Za. 11: 8 Mt. 23: 13-36
313 He was despised and loathed Za. 11: 8 Mt. 27:20
314 End of That those have rejected Him Za. 11: 9 Mt 3: 10-11
315 The protection removed to because of refusal Za. 11: 10-11 ---- Lu. 19: 41-44
316 The Messiah would be God Za. 11: 10-11 Jn. 14: 7
317 Betrayed for 30 pieces of silver Zechariah. 11: 12-13 ---- Mt. 26: 14-15
318 Rejected Za. 11: 12-13 Mt. 26: 14-15
319 silver thrown into the house of Lord Za. 11: 12-13 ---- Mt. 27: 3-5
320 The Messiah would be God Za. 11: 12-13 ---- Jn. 12:45
321 The Messiah would be pierced Za. ---- Jn 24:10. 19: 34-37
322 The Messiah and God man Za. Jn 24:10. 10:30 + ---- Jn 10:30